JaSST'21 Tokyo

JaSST'21 Tokyo
JaSST'21 Tokyo 開催:2021年3月15日(月)~16日(火)会場:オンライン開催


SHIFT ヒューマンクレスト 富士通 ベリサーブ

ソフトウェアテストシンポジウム 2021 東京
JaSST'21 Tokyo
開催 2021年3月15日(月)~16日(火)



「Being Agile about Architecture」

Joseph W. Yoder 氏(Refactory CEO)


Being Agile, with its attention to extensive testing, frequent integration, and focusing on important product features, has proven invaluable to many software teams. However, when building complex systems, it can be all too easy to focus on features and overlook software qualities, specifically those related to the architecture. Some believe that by simply following Agile practices — starting as fast as possible, keeping code clean, and having lots of tests — a good architecture will magically emerge. While an architecture will emerge, if there is not enough attention paid to it and the code, technical debt and design problems will creep in until it becomes muddy, making it hard to deliver new features quickly and reliably.

It is essential to have a sustainable architecture that can evolve through the project life-cycle. Sustainable architecture requires ongoing attention, especially when there are evolving priorities, lots of technical risk, and many dependencies. This talk presents a set of patterns that focus on practices for creating and evolving a software architecture while remaining Agile. These practices include a set of tools that allow teams to define "enough" architecture at the beginning of the project and to manage the state and the evolution of the architecture as the project evolves.


写真:Joseph W. Yoder 氏

Joseph W. Yoder 氏(Refactory CEO)

Joseph (Joe) Yoder (agilist, computer scientist, speaker, and pattern author) is the founder and principal of The Refactory, a company focused on software architecture, design, implementation, consulting, and mentoring on all facets of software development. Joe is also the president of The Hillside Group, a non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of life of everyone who uses, builds, and encounters software systems. Joe has presented many tutorials and talks, arranged workshops, given keynotes, and helped organize leading international agile and technical conferences. He is best known as an author of the Big Ball of Mud pattern, which illuminates many fallacies in software architecture. Joe teaches and mentors developers on Agile and lean practices, architecture, building flexible systems, clean design, patterns, refactoring, and testing. Recently Joe has been working with organizations and thought leaders on the best practices for including quality aspects throughout the complete software life-cycle. Joe thinks software is still too hard to change and wants to do something about this. He believes using good practices (patterns), putting the ability to change software into the hands of the people with the knowledge to change it, and bringing the business side closer to the development process helps solve this problem.



鷲崎 弘宜 氏(早稲田大学 / NII / システム情報 / エクスモーション)


アジャイル開発における品質保証は、特定の段階で特定の人々のみが取り組むというよりも、専門家を交えつつロードマップ策定から日々のモニタリングに至るあらゆる段階でチーム全体となって取り組む活動となります。本講演では、伝統的な品質保証(Quality Assurance)の考え方から、アジャイル品質(Agile Quality)へとチームや組織が変わっていくために必要なパターン集 Quality Assurance to Agile Quality (QA2AQ) の紹介を通じて、アジャイル品質のマインド、体制、プロセス、技術を解説します。また、各パターンの利用事例や活用の実態、他のアジャイル品質プラクティスとの関係についても取り上げます。

写真:鷲崎 弘宜 氏

鷲崎 弘宜 氏(早稲田大学 / NII / システム情報 / エクスモーション)

早稲田大学 研究推進部 副部長・グローバルソフトウェアエンジニアリング研究所所長・教授、国立情報学研究所客員教授、株式会社システム情報 取締役(監査等委員)、株式会社エクスモーション 社外取締役、ガイオ・テクノロジー株式会社 技術アドバイザ。

ビジネスと社会のためのソフトウェアエンジニアリングの研究、実践、社会実装に従事。その一環としてアジャイル開発のプロセスやプラクティスの分析を進め、2014年からJoseph YoderやRebecca Wirfs-Brockらのアジャイル品質保証パターンのプロジェクト "Shifting from Quality Assurance to Agile Quality (QA2AQ)"に参画。2019年からはアジャイル開発と従来のソフトウェア工学の間の分断、さらにはビジネスとITの間の分断が起きているという問題意識のもと、DX時代のオープンイノベーションに役立つデザイン思考やビジネス・価値デザインからアジャイル開発、さらには堅実なソフトウェア製品・サービスの開発・保守の方法論までを系統立てた枠組みとしてSE4BS(Software Engineering for Business and Society)の構築を有志で開始。

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